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Dynagarde uses "state of the art" cellular technology with our uniquely designed integrated location determination system to accurately locate your furry beasts. With our dynamic boundary protection system, you can locate your pet AND establish a geo-boundary to securely contain. The boundary, or safe-zone, utilizes wireless capabilities to interface with an external cellular or satellite device. The interface uniquely integrates with mobile static and dynamic boundary enforcement to create geolocation capabilities. Even easier, we have designed our system with the on-the-go user in mind! The Dynagarde collar can operate for up to approximately 72 hours before you need to recharge your batteries. 

 Patent US 2018/0124565 


Our user-friendly application works by providing our customers with the ability to create a personalized log-in account. Once your account is registered, you can begin adding each Dynagarde collar. Each collar account within your iOS or Android device is uniquely characterized! You will have the ability to connect unlimited collar accounts to your Dynagarde master log-in allowing you to safeguard every fur child in your household! And don't worry, you can even add their headshots too!


  • Provide easy-to-use dynamic boundary drawing tool that allows you to create a protective safe-zone for your pet

  • Store & save your adventure safe-zones for future expeditions

  • Create a dependable, audible alert system to warn your pet if they are nearing the boundary of a safe-zone and a notification will be sent to the owner

  • The first technology of its kind to create a mobile, geo-fence!



Your fur child is not just a pet; but, family. Our product goes beyond warning systems, lights, and buzzwords. We believe in the long-term protection and piece of mind that well-engineered, quality products provide. The safety, ingenuity, and solace our product gives you sets us apart from everyone else. Why settle when you can live the #DynagardeLife?